Zurich, Switzerland
The History of Couture
      15.05.2021 — 25.07.2021
      Splendor of the Sunset:
      Iran of the Qajar era
      (the late 18th century - 1925)
      Surprisingly, Moscow has one of the richest collection of Persian art, along with the Parisian Louvre and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Paintings, ceramics, weapons, carpets and manuscripts, historical documents and photographs of this period characterised by increasing economical and social tension, additionally to European cultural expansion, and British and Russian pressure, will be presented in The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow till end of July
      1) Rustam, fighting with White Div , Iran, 19th century;
      2) Alla-Virdi Afshar. The portrait of Abbas Mirza. Iran, 1816-1817. Oil on canvas;
      3) Artist Ahmad. The Dancer with castanets. Iran, 1827. Oil on canvas;
      4) Unknown master. Carpet. The portrait of Shah Abbas I. Fragment of a large carpet. Iran, Kerman, late 19th century
      All images - © The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow

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      12.02.2021.- 28.02.2021
      City Paris Fashion Museum opens after renovation with a highly pre-estimated exhibition dedicated to Chanel. Clothing pieces will be exposed in one line with fashion jewellery and iconic bag and shoe pieces in all its materiality and glory.
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