Where to buy property in 2021?

According to statistics
Global Property Guide (GPG) published its annual spring report.
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European and North American rise; New Zealand star
Countries damaged by coronavirus showed the most visible rise in property prices, according GPG: 'Strong house price surges have taken place in European countries, such as Slovak Republic, Turkey, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, and Russia', as well as US and Canada with about 9% rise in prices. New Zealand showed more than 10% rise year on year in Q4 (inflation-adjusted). Median house prices in New Zealand showed uprise by 16,77% (inflation-adjusted) during 2020. It's the strongest numbers since 2003 and comparable with the 2019 rise to 10,28%.
GPG highlights the Slovak Republic as the strongest housing market in Europe. House prices in the Slovak Republic raised by 14,28% during 2020, it is the strongest year-to-year increase since 2007. On a quarterly basis, real house prices rose 3,27% during the Q4. Almost every European country market received a huge interest from the buyers.
The weakest housing markets are: Montenegro, Latvia and North Macedonia. These are the only European countries where house prices fell during 2020. The reasons are: declining economy, for Montenegro - tourism-reliant.

South Asia
Ten of the fourteen Asia-Pacific housing markets included in global survey of GPG showed stronger momentum in 2020 compared to a year earlier: 'house prices rose in eleven countries, with notable increases in New Zealand in Sri Lanka'.

Middle East
Plummeting oil prices and the ongoing political and diplomatic crisis impact The Middle East's housing markets . So, the coronavirus pandemic became the another problem in the list. In fact, four of the eight weakest housing markets are in the Middle East. There are Egypt with the nationwide real estate index falling by 14,38% during 2020 (despite all efforts to attract foreign owners), Qatar with the real estate price index falling by 4,78% during 2020, Saudi Arabia's housing market fall of 4,63%, UAE residential property prices fell by 2.93%.
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