Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport adventures in the US

Photo: The latest Bugatti hyper sports car from Molsheim, France, in front of the

backdrop of downtown Los Angeles. The Chiron Pur Sport.

One of the most iconic automobile brands finally presented its newest hyper sports car in the United StatesDue to Covid-19 pandemic, the world premiere planned for March was postponed by French luxury car manufacturer Bugatti.

Despite of pandemic, such companies as Tesla demonstrated sharp increase in share price and market cap. But it was not that easy for a whole industry of sports cars. So after all these dark months, car industry is on its way to bright - we hope - recovery. The teams at both Bugatti Beverly Hills and Bugatti San Diego were happy to present the spectacular Chiron Pur Sport physically during US Roadshow. From autumn 2020, company will produce 60 vehicles priced at 3 million euros. With its optimized aerodynamics, shorter gear ratio and completely new tires, The Chiron Pur Sport was created both for the street and for the  race circuits. Brand new car continues its journey through Southern California and then heads to the East Coast to the Hamptons, Greenwich, New York and Florida. Eight appearances in total.

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