The unveiling of VSS Imagine by Virgin Galactic

Today, the VSS Imagine, the first spaceship III by Virgin Galactic, was unveiled. Imagine has exemplified Virgin Galactics’ prowess in efficient designs and production at a time when the company seeks to make the business durable and long-lasting. Ground testing for glide flights is set to start this summer in New Mexico at the Spaceport America.

Photo:Introducing VSS Imagine, the first SpaceShip III in the Virgin Galactic Fleet 02. © Virgin Galactic

The VSS Imagine has a uniform design, with a mirror-like material finishing which constantly changes colors as it advances from earth to sky to space while reflecting its environment. The dynamic material used is captivating and touches our intrinsic human enchantment on top of providing thermal protection.
The spaceship has been built to allow better performance regarding maintenance access and flight rate through its support of a modular design. The manufacture of future vehicles is expected to largely depend on the third-generation spaceship foundation.
Manufacture of the second Spaceship III vehicle, VSS Inspire, is expected to continue as the VSS Imagine ground testing commences. Virgin Galactic aims to fly 400 flights per year in each spaceport as per its multi-year effort. This establishment of the Spaceship III class of vehicles will be a massive milestone towards their target.
Virgin Galactic has invited future astronauts to be part of this journey. Dee Chester, a future astronaut at Virgin Galactic, through her Astronaut Edition Range Rover, played her role in implementing VSS Imagine when it towed the spaceship from its Hangar for the first time.
According to Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, the Virgin Galactic fleet has been marked by the unveiling of the Spaceship III class of vehicles. Future astronauts can expect extraordinary voyages to space with VSS Imagine and VSS Inspire. He went on to congratulate the team that worked intelligently to accomplish this milestone.
In his comment, Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin, said that thousands of people will now be able to explore the wonders of space through the Virgin Galactic spaceship, which is aimed at giving fresh transformative views. He says Imagine is captivating and is an addition to Virgin’s fleet of spaceships, and that all outstanding accomplishments and innovations begin with an idea. He hopes that all those who use the spaceship to travel to space will come back with new ideas and attitudes that will inspire positive change to the world.

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