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Grieder & CIE: exquisite made-to-measure from Switzerland

Grieder & CIE: exquisite made-to-measure from Switzerland

Photo: Changeable collars for men's shirt © Vestiare Collective

Grieder and Cie, a renowned Swiss department store, boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1882 by the Grieder brothers, Hermann and Heinrich. What began as a humble textile trading venture in Zurich has since blossomed into a prominent destination for luxury goods and high-end fashion.

Grieder stands as a symbol of sophistication, offering an extensive array of products that includes clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and home goods. With a focus on curating the finest international brands, as well as showcasing the talents of Swiss and local designers, Grieder has become synonymous with exclusivity and style.

The flagship Grieder store, nestled on Zurich's illustrious Bahnhofstrasse, stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to providing a luxurious shopping experience. Elegantly designed interiors, attentive staff, and a carefully crafted ambiance create an environment where customers can indulge in a world of refined fashion and impeccable taste.

Grieder's dedication to exceptional customer service goes beyond the aesthetics. The department store prides itself on offering personalized shopping experiences, ensuring that each visitor receives the utmost attention and care. From personal styling consultations to alterations and VIP services, Grieder strives to make every customer feel special.

In addition to its retail offerings, Grieder hosts a variety of events, including fashion shows and exhibitions, adding an element of excitement and engagement to the shopping experience. These events showcase the latest trends, collaborations with renowned designers, and limited-edition collections exclusive to Grieder.

Grieder's presence extends beyond Zurich, with stores located in other major Swiss cities like Geneva, Bern, and Lucerne. Regardless of the location, customers can expect the same commitment to quality, luxury, and exceptional service that has become synonymous with the Grieder brand.
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